VOTD: How Marvel's 'WandaVision' Should Have Ended

Marvel's WandaVision was the first Disney+ original series set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and viewers had a lot of fun watching the mystery of the genre-bending unfold. But now that we've seen how the limited series came to an end, it's time to see How WandaVision Should Have Ended, and it should come as no surprise that all the confusion and classic television madness could have been stopped a lot sooner. Like, we could have been done with this situation in the first episode.

How WandaVision Should Have Ended

It's an easy fix, but hopefully there's a good explanation as to why Doctor Strange didn't sense what was going on during the events of WandaVision. Shouldn't the Sorcerer Supreme be aware when something mystical and powerful like this is happening? If Agatha Harkness can be tuned in to sensing such power, then why isn't Doctor Strange? Even beyond that outside assist, there are plenty of moments where Wanda's hex could have been easily undone. Or at the very last, some dangerous situations could have easily been avoided.

Of course, since this is How It Should Have Ended, they also have some fun with the WandaVision storyline. For example, John Wick isn't too thrilled when he learns that Agatha Harkness killed Wanda and Vision's family dog. And The Scarlet Witch turns into a familiar face for the high-flying finale.

But perhaps the most extensive gag is the sitcom variation that we didn't get to see in the series, with WandaVision turning into Friends, thanks to a roaming hex that allows Wanda to stay with her family without inflicting too much damage. Of course, there are special appearances by Batman and Superman, and they're in the Central Perk cafe instead of the usual diner. But along with the expected gags, there are also some nitpicks here and there about how the ending of WandaVision left some key details unresolved.

If you really want to see how WandaVision should have ended though, stick around to the very end.