'Bad Trip' Has A Deleted Haunted Motel Prank With A Full-On Exorcism

Bad Trip is the latest Netflix project that pulls shocking pranks on unsuspecting people. Produced by Jeff Tremaine of Jackass and Bad Grandpa fame, the film features a buddy road trip story starring Eric André and Lil Rel Howery, with Tiffany Haddish hot on their trail. The narrative connects a series of wild gags unleashed on the clueless public, taking the road trip on some crazy twists and turns, from Eric André being sexually assaulted by a gorilla to Lil Rel Howery getting stuck in the bottom half of a port-a-potty. But one prank just didn't fit in the movie, even though it was one of the best they pulled off.

For those who don't know, Bad Trip follows Eric André and Lil Rel Howery as best friends Chris and Bud as they embark on a trip so Chris can finally proclaim his love for his high school sweetheart. Along the way, they have a series of mishaps that unfold in front of real people, including many who are surprisingly kind and helpful in the most insane situations.

In an interview with The Film Stage, Eric André discussed a prank that got cut from the movie, even though he says it was "probably the best prank on its own." It involves an exorcism that was performed by a real priest. André explained:

"We had this prank where we stayed the night in a motel that was haunted. I start getting sick and become possessed by a demon spirit. Rel got this real preacher to come in and perform an exorcism on me. We have all these hidden practical effects. I'm levitating in the bed, the walls start bleeding, lights are flickering. Cockroaches came out of a painting. And this real preacher is trying to get Rel to exorcise the demons out of me. Rel keeps cursing and he's like, 'in the name of Jesus Christ get the f*** out of my friend!' The preacher was like 'Okay, that's good, but don't curse' and the guy was really on the hook."

That's a hell of a prank to pull on a priest and it sounds like it's on a whole other level when you see the rest of the pranks in the movie. It takes it to a much more unbelievable place. That doesn't keep us from wanted to see this deleted scene though, especially knowing what kind of practical effects they utilized to pull it off. Hopefully Netflix will release the deleted scene as a bonus feature or something like that, because it sounds like it deserves to be seen.

UPDATE: You can see the deleted scene in question in this assembly of other cut scenes from Bad Trip: