'Godzilla Vs. Kong' Honest Trailer: No Matter Who Wins, Hong Kong Loses

Godzilla vs. Kong arrived in theaters last weekend, bringing some monster mayhem back to the big screen (and HBO Max) and proving that the box office will have no problem bouncing back when the coronavirus pandemic is over. Unfortunately for Hong Kong, they won't have much to go back to now that Godzilla and King Kong have made the city their unofficial tag team partner. But as the Godzilla vs Kong Honest Trailer reminds us, the real disaster is all of the human characters we're forced to meet.

Godzilla vs Kong Honest Trailer

Man of Steel and Batman v Superman may have gotten a lot of flack for how many buildings and presumably people were killed by insane amounts of destruction. But Godzilla vs. Kong could certainly give them a run for their money. Sure, there's a quick scene that shows Hong Kong being evacuated and emergency shelters made for withstanding Titan attacks. But there's also a shot from inside one of the Hong Kong skyscrapers during the fight, and it's clear a lot of people didn't get a chance to get away before the fight started.

We may never know how many perished in that fight, but we know that Godzilla and King Kong didn't give a shit. Maybe it's because they already know enough about the humans that the movie focuses on and they assume that the rest of the human population is just as disposable. We couldn't blame them if that's what they were thinking. Both Team Godzilla and Team Kong are pretty irresponsible and the roles they play in the movie don't make much sense. But I guess we can't just have two hours of monster fighting. Why? Because nothing would ever be able to top it.