The Morning Watch: Pixar's Character Rigs Explained, How To Make 'Ted Lasso' Biscuits & More

The Morning Watch is a recurring feature that highlights a handful of noteworthy videos from around the web. They could be video essays, fanmade productions, featurettes, short films, hilarious sketches, or just anything that has to do with our favorite movies and TV shows.

In this edition, listen as Pixar Animation creators explain what character rigs are in movies like The Incredibles and how they help bring the movie to life. Plus, let Binging with Babish reveal how to make the delicious biscuits from the Apple TV+ series Ted Lasso. And finally, check out a shot-by-shot breakdown of a tense sequence from Netflix's I Care A Lot with Rosamund Pike.

First up, in order for characters to move in the movies of Pixar Animation, they need rigs. But what are rigs? Here's a clip from an upcoming edition of Inside Pixar, where the employees of Disney's animation studio discuss the foundations of animation that make up each of their movies. The new episode of Inside Pixar arrives on March 26.

Next, if you've seen the Apple TV+ series Ted Lasso, then you know that there are some delicious biscuits that the title character makes in an effort to connect with his British boss. They look delicious, and now the YouTube channel Binging with Babish has come up with two different recipes to replicate these tasty treats.

Finally, after Rosamund Pike won the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy, Netflix has provided a shot-by-shot breakdown with the star. Listen as she talks about the panic-inducing stunts in her harrowing underwater car escape scene in the darkly comedic thriller.