'WandaVision' Honest Trailer: Yo Dawg, We Heard You Like TV Shows In Your TV Shows

Marvel's WandaVision finally let us spend time with Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany). Not only did it finally help establish the source and limitation of their powers, but it allowed us to finally get a firm grasp on them as characters and connect with their romance that happened largely off-screen. Unfortunately, no matter how ambitious the beginning of WandaVision turned out to be, as the Honest Trailer reminds us, it still concluded with a skybeam and two CGI action figures slugging it out in the sky.

WandaVision Honest Trailer

Honest Trailers is usually right on the money when it comes to the amusing nitpicks at movies and TV shows, but I think they're way off base when it comes to the perception of Agatha Harkness. It's been pointed out that the "Agatha All Along" reveal doesn't make much sense when she doesn't seem to know how Wanda created Westview and WandaVision. But the song isn't about Agatha being behind everything. It's about Agnes actually being Agatha all along and all the weird stuff that Wanda didn't do was because of the longtime witch instead.

But what we will give Honest Trailers credit for railing on is all the fan theories that didn't go anywhere. That's not entirely the fault of the fans though, since Marvel seemed tease these exciting paths that turned out to be misdirection, whether intentional or not. It's just a shame that they had to overshadow the best part of WandaVision. But even taking that into account, we still need to be thankful that we got the gift of Kathryn Hahn in this series, and we must never forget that.