'Bird Box' Is Getting A Spanish-Language Spin-Off From 'Carriers' Directing Duo

Bird Box became a huge hit for Netflix back in 2018 and the streaming service put a sequel into development last summer, based on Josh Malerman's follow-up novel Malorie. But Netflix is looking to expand the world of the sci-fi horror saga even further by commissioning a Spanish-language spin-off from filmmaking duo Alex & David Pastor, directors of the viral thriller Carriers and writers of the sci-fi thriller Self/less with Ryan Reynolds.The Hollywood Reporter has news on the Spanish-language Bird Box spin-off in the works at Netflix. The Pastor Brothers will write and direct the film, and Bird Box producers Dylan Clark and Chris Morgan will return in the same capacity. Adrián Guerra and Núria Valls will also produce through Nostromo Pictures.Bird Box took place in a post-apocalytpic setting where mysterious entities have wiped out hordes of humans by somehow infecting their minds and driving themselves to kill each other and themselves. Sandra Bullock played a woman navigating the chaotic world with two children in tow. It's not clear what the story will be for the proposed Bird Box spin-off, but I'm willing to bet it will simply follow a new group of characters dealing with the same phenomenon overseas.

This feels like Netflix's attempt at creating a cinematic universe not unlike the one that AMC has crafted with The Walking Dead TV franchise. That series has seen several spin-offs come to fruition with various interconnected elements. I'm not sure if Netflix will be quite so ambitious with this Bird Box universe, but there's a lot of potential here to create a series of films that appeal to international audiences.

Netflix said that 26 million people in the United States watched the movie in the first week of release. If they can replicate those kind of numbers in other countries, this could be something Netflix tries to do more often with some of their move popular titles. They're taking a similar approach with Zack Snyder's upcoming zombie heist movie Army of the Dead, which is getting a prequel that was produced and set in Germany.

The Bird Box spin-off is currently being fast-tracked into production with the hope of shooting in Spain by the end of 2021.