Universal Studios Japan Unveils Elaborate Movie-Themed Food Items To Celebrate The Park's 20th Anniversary

What better way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Universal Studios Japan than with a truly ridiculous selection of movie-themed food items? The theme park location turns 20 years old this year, and to mark the occasion, they will be offering guests the opportunity to dig into several menu items based on classic and not-so-classic films from Universal's storied history. Take a look below.

WDWNT has an entire gallery of photos of this brand new slate of movie-themed food that's coming to Universal Studios Japan on March 12, 2021. I encourage you to head over there to see the full smorgasbord, but let's take a look at some highlights:

Jaws Dog

DeLorean White Bean Churro

E.T. Chocolate Crunch Sundae

Da-Dan-Dan-Da Pepper Terminator Beef Bun

Backdraft Super-Smoked Turkey Leg

Firefighter (Passionfruit & Lemon Soda)

Minion Mayhem Burger Plate

Most of these designs are cute and creative (albeit potentially gross, especially in the case of the Minion burger), but one of them sticks out like a sore thumb. We're supposed to understand that E.T. is reaching his glowing finger out of that chocolate crunch sundae, but, well...let's just say that they probably could have figured out a clearer way to illustrate that idea than what they settled on.

Also, does Ron Howard have some dirt on some Universal theme park executives or something? How else do you explain the existence of two Backdraft-related items here? Sure, Universal Studios Japan is home to the "classic" Backdraft attraction (which originally premiered at the Hollywood park in 1992 before closing in 2010), but it's deeply bizarre to see it represented alongside so many bonafide classics. No shade on Howard's 1991 firefighter drama, which is a sturdy movie with a solid cast, but there are so many other choices, both from Universal's back catalog and the theme park realm, to celebrate here.

In any case, these items will be available starting this week at Universal Studios Japan, which celebrates its official 20th anniversary on March 31, 2021.