'Star Wars: Republic Commando' Video Game Is Getting Remastered For PlayStation 4 And Nintendo Switch

As we wait for the anticipated open-world Star Wars video game to come together, Lucasfilm Games will be trying to keep us busy with some other gameplay in a galaxy far, far away. Along with the recently announced competitive arena combat title Star Wars: Hunters, gamers will soon be treated to a remaster of one of the most revered Star Wars video games of the 2000s.Star Wars: Republic Commando was a first-person shooter on Xbox and Microsoft Windows that played a lot like a Star Wars version of Halo. Now the game is being remastered and re-released this spring on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Star Wars: Republic Commando Re-Release

The Verge reports Aspyr Media, the same company who recently remastered Star Wars Episode I: Racer for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, is behind the latest Star Wars video game re-release.

If you never played Star Wars: Republic Commando, the game had players leading a three-man squad of Republic Commandos during The Clone Wars as they went behind enemy lines across 14 levels in three campaigns, squaring off against a variety of battle droids, Geonosians, and other alien threats. Ordering your squad is a key element of the game along with the traditional first-person shooter gameplay that relies on using a variety of weapons and tactics to defeat your enemies.

It's been a long time since I played through Republic Commando, but I do remember thinking the game could have been longer and maybe a bit more challenging. At the same time, I do remember having a lot of fun playing the game with friends, even though the multiplayer wasn't as engaging as the Halo franchise at the time.

When it was released in 2005, Republic Commando received solid reviews, though many through the game was a little too short and the multiplayer left something to be desired. Even so, the game has become a cult favorite among Star Wars fans, and some even think it's one of the best video games to come out of the franchise. It's not yet clear if the multiplayer side of the game will be available in this remaster.

Star Wars: Republic Commando will be available on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch starting on April 6 for $14.99.