Cool Stuff: NECA Is Throwing The 1989 'Batman' Batarang Onto Shelves This Spring

Plenty of fans out there would love to get their hands on prop replicas inspired by their favorite movies. The only problem is that many prop replicas can be rather expensive. But the collectible toy makers at NECA are looking to change the game a little bit with some affordable prop replicas, starting with the Batarang from Tim Burton's acclaimed Batman movie from 1989. Check it out below.

NECA's 1989 Batman Batarang Prop Replica

1989 Batman Batarang Prop Replica1989 Batman Batarang Prop Replica

This is a life-size prop replica that measures 7.25" wide and 5.25" tall. Though it's made of plastic, it does have metal pieces with magnets that allow it to fold in three places for compact storage for crime fighting. Our friends at ToyArk got an early look at this item, and they were pretty satisfied with it. They wrote:

NECA did a nice job in recreating the look of the films Batarang. The construction is pretty solid feeling, and is fairly light weight. The edges, especially near the tips of the bat wings, is very thin and sharp. The small amount of sculpted details are sharp and clean. The wing tips have a silver metallic paint, while the rest of the Batarang is mainly an unpainted matte black. The small hinges are metal, and they blend in nicely. The Batarang folds in three spots, and there are magnets on the inside that help it snap into place when folding.

1989 Batman Batarang Prop Replica

It appears the only downside is the display case (pictured above), which is made of a flimsy plastic not unlike the kind that action figures often come packaged in. So perhaps you'll want to get a more sturdy display stand for The Dark Knight's trademark projectile.

You'll certainly have some extra money to throw around because the 1989 Batman Batarang prop replica will only cost you $13.96 at Walmart, where it will be available exclusively from now into March. After that, it will be rolled out to other retailers, so if you can't find it soon, just be patient.

This is just the first in NECA's line of prop replicas. At Toy Fair 2020, they also had Batman's grapnel gun and the line launcher on display for eventual release as well. Hopefully this means even more prop replicas from other movies are on the way too.