Blumhouse Movie 'Adrift' Will Reunite 'Requiem For A Dream' Team Darren Aronofsky And Jared Leto

Jared Leto is reuniting with his Requiem for a Dream director Darren Aronofsky for Adrift, a Blumhouse film based on a short story by Koji Suzuki, the author of the Ring novels that inspired both Ringu and the American remake The Ring. The story follows the crew of a fishing trawler that comes across an abandoned yacht on the open sea.

Deadline broke the news about Adrift, reporting that Darren Aronofsky will direct and reunite with his Requiem for a Dream star Jared Leto. The film is based on the Koji Suzuki story of the same name, and the rights for the story have been knocking around Hollywood for a few years now. At one point, Dimension Films was set to turn it into a flick, but now the project has ended up in the hands of Blumhouse. Blumhouse will produce with Leto and Emma Ludbrook via Leto's production company Paradox. Carla Hacken will also produce. And, as Deadline adds, "Ludbrook pursued the rights for 10 years before bringing to Blum and Aronofsky."

Aronofsky will write the script with Luke Dawson. Adrift is "set in the dead calm of the open sea, where a fishing boat discovers an abandoned yacht with a strange distress call. A deckhand agrees to take lone control of it while it's towed into port, but soon he discovers why the rest of his more experienced crew members call it a 'Ghost Ship.'"

This sounds promising and I like the idea of Aronofsky making a horror movie, or at least a movie that's horror-adjacent. As he showed with mother! (a movie that's actually good despite the naysayers), he has a knack for horror. Black Swan could also be classified as a horror film, Pi has some horror elements, and Requiem for a Dream has plenty of horrific stuff from scene to scene. Is it time we just go ahead and classify Aronofsky as a horror director? Discuss among yourselves and then have your findings on my desk by tomorrow.

Before Aronofsky makes Adrift, though, he'll make the A24 film The Whale with Brendan Fraser. I'm a fan of most of Aronofsky's work, so I'm happy to see him return to directing (he hasn't helmed a feature since mother! in 2017). I'm not the biggest fan of Leto, though, so his involvement here does very little for me. But I'm more than willing to check Adrift out whenever it sails into theaters.