Watch: Tom Holland Introduces New Spider-Man Ride Coming To Disneyland

Spider-Man has been the subject of an exciting theme park ride at Universal Studios' Islands of Adventure for more than 20 years now, but Disney has recently been developing a rival ride about the friendly neighborhood wall crawler, and it is finally almost ready to be unveiled. Disney Parks released a new Spider-Man ride featurette today which includes interviews and footage of current Spidey star Tom Holland in action on the upcoming attraction, and you can check it out and get a sense of what's in store below.

Spider-Man Ride Featurette

The opening of Disneyland's detailed Marvel-themed area known as Avengers Campus has been pushed back to an undetermined date due to the coronavirus pandemic, but that's not going to stop the hype train from pulling out of the station. Holland dutifully tries to sell the cool factor of this attraction – although I can't help but imagine Disney CEO Bob Chapek standing just out of frame, a crazed and wide-eyed look on his face as he mouths the words along while Holland talks to the camera.

I'm sorry, Tom, but I refuse to believe that riding this ride is "the most [you've] ever felt like Spider-Man." Really? Not the first time you suited up in an actual Spidey costume designed by a professional? Not doing stunts on the set of your own movie or its sequel? This might be a cool ride, but I cannot – nay, will not – believe it's so cool that it beats out all of those types of experiences for you. Hence my very reasonable assumption that Chapek himself is standing just off camera. Watching. Waiting.

Disney also included a description of the attraction, which is officially called Web Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure:

Donning 3D glasses, your mission will be to test-drive the aspiring inventor's latest invention, the WEB Slinger vehicle, and discover your web-slinging super powers! Through specially designed, innovative technology that recognizes body movements and gestures, you will reach out your hands and sling webs from your wrists, just like Spider-Man. As the WEB Slinger vehicles progress, you will virtually pass through several other Campus addresses, including Pym Test Kitchen, Avengers Headquarters and the Collector's Fortress, also home to Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT! As the mission continues, Spider-Bots will become harder and harder to beat as they continue to multiply.

I believe this is the first indication we've gotten that this attraction will connect with other Avengers Campus addresses within the ride itself, but it makes sense considering that it's all meant to represent its own big narrative within the park. This sounds a little like the PeopleMover attraction at Disney World, which also passed through other rides, but updated with a modern, interactive approach.