John Carpenter To Create Horror Audio Shows For Serial Box, Calls It "A New Way To Strike Fear Into The Hearts Of Our Audience"

Horror maestro John Carpenter hasn't directed a movie in more than a decade, and that doesn't seem likely to change any time soon. But the director of movies like The Thing, Halloween, and The Fog is now set to explore the horror genre through a new medium: audio.

Carpenter and his wife, producer Sandy King Carpenter, have signed a deal with Serial Box to develop multiple horror audio shows and podcasts over the next two years which will fall under a new "John Carpenter Presents" banner. Get the details below.

Serial Box, a company that features original audio stories and new audio content from a handful of established franchises, has teamed up with Carpenter and Sandy King Carpenter's Storm King productions to "co-produce an exclusive line of horror stories" that will live on Serial Box's platform. The couple, along with Serial Box's head of content Hayley Wagreich, will invite "select creators well-versed in the horror genre" to join them in collaborating on these horror audio shows and podcasts, with the aim of developing at least five shows per year for a minimum of two years.

"Horror is a universal language that works across so many mediums. We're thrilled to be partnering with Serial Box – their rich sound design has advanced audio storytelling, offering us a new way to strike fear into the hearts of our audience. Harkening back to spooky tales told around the fire, we can't wait to get these stories out into the world," John and Sandy King Carpenter said in a statement.

"John Carpenter invented the genre of smart, action packed horror/suspense and through Serial Box's immersive audio storytelling, he and Sandy can create new classics and connect with a new generation of fans," said Serial Box CEO Molly Barton.

Serial Box claims to have "category-defining audio productions, including soundscapes, original music, and sound effects, [which] create a truly immersive story experience." There's no word yet on what exactly any of these new John Carpenter horror stories might be about, but I wonder if the multi-talented artist – who has composed the scores for many of his films – will also be contributing original music to these audio projects.

Making movies seemed to fall off his list of interests years ago in favor of getting high and playing video games all day, but if another film isn't in the cards, at least fans will be able to experience some of his chilling tales in a new way.