'Tenet' Honest Trailer: Rich People Commit Time Crimes In The Most Christopher Nolan Movie Yet

In a cruel twist of fate, Christopher Nolan's latest film Tenet is about traveling backwards in time to change the future at a time when that's exactly what we'd like to do in order to stop the coronavirus pandemic. Maybe the pandemic is the result of an evil future villain coming back to ruin the world. But honestly, we're not sure there's anyone out there who could easily figure out how to travel back in time in this manner to pull off some kind of complex world-ending scenario. That's because, as the Tenet Honest Trailer succinctly puts it, this is the most Christopher Nolan movie yet, for better or worse.

Tenet Honest Trailer

Normally the end of the Honest Trailer with the cast roll call has some solid one-liners, but in the Tenet Honest Trailer, it has one of the sickest burns when it comes to the movies of Christopher Nolan. When it comes to how the filmmaker writes a character, they pull one of the lines of dialogue from Clémence Poésy where she says, "No small talk. Nothing that might reveal who we are or what we do." Ouch. Harsh...but accurate.

At the end of the day, Tenet may be unnecessarily confusing, and it's not just because of the sound design that makes certain snippets of dialogue almost impossible to discern without subtitles. But I'll take an overly complex original movie like this over another reboot, remake or sequel any day of the week. Nolan certainly has his flaws as a filmmaker, but you can't deny that he shoots for the moon with his original ideas.