'Borat Subsequent Moviefilm' Director Teases Deleted Scenes And A Potential Extended Cut

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm is full of shocking, hilarious scenes where the titular reporter from Kazakhstan interacts with real, unsuspecting people. The results range from unbelievable patience to unfathomable stupidity and even the spouting of casual racism and conspiracy theories. But with a movie like this, there's plenty of footage that we didn't get to see. Thankfully, it sounds like we might get a chance to see it some day.

Director Jason Woliner recently mentioned that there have been talks about possibly releasing a Borat 2 extended cut. Not only that, but he provided details on some deleted scenes and extended sequences that could potentially be put back into the movie, including a couple scenes that were teased in the trailer but didn't make the final cut of the movie at all.

Collider spoke to Jason Woliner recently, and he discussed some of the sequences that could easily be much longer in the movie, but ended up getting cut. The director explained:

"A movie like this has to have a certain pace. Sacha's movies especially are generally on the shorter side, and I love that about them. The editing process is paring down so much that you're just left with a movie that just cooks along at a very tight clip."

For example, Sacha Baron Cohen actually spent several days with Jim Russell and Jerry Holleman, the two QAnon conspiracy theorists who take Borat into their home at the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Woliner said:

"The longer versions of these scenes show without a shadow of a doubt how real it was, how he was really living with these guys. So there's just so much of them existing together that I thought was so funny. So hopefully one day we'll figure out a way to get that out there."

Another scene that was cut much shorter involved Borat starting his own barbershop despite having zero experience. Woliner recalled:

"There's like a 10 minute cut of the barbershop scene that had me crying. In a movie that obviously had a lot of satirical aims and political aims, there were a few scenes like the barbershop that were just pure stupidity, that were so funny, but also not story-driven."

There was even a scene that played constantly in trailers and TV spots, but didn't end up in the movie at all. Woliner said there was an entire storyline that got cut which resulted in the loss of a sequence where Borat learned to golf. Well, he tried anyway. The director explained:

"It's Borat being completely incapable of learning how to golf, and he's with this golf instructor that is just the world's most patient man. It reminded me of when he tries to learn how to drive in the first movie, where the real person is not a political target, it's not someone we hate. It's a likable, extremely patient man. And sometimes it can be so funny just to watch someone with seemingly endless patience pushed to their limits. Just 10 or 12 minutes of this poor guy trying to teach this idiot how to golf was so funny."

Aside from the pacing of the film, Jason Woliner also explained that scenes like this just didn't help progress they story they focused in on between Borat and his daughter Tutar (Maria Bakalova). The filmmaker added:

"We knew that the relationship of the movie, that's the story. That's where you want to be heading. We just didn't have the time to take a break and watch 10 minutes or even four minutes of Borat failing to learn golf. So there's just stuff like that that hopefully one day will find its way into the world in some form. We shot so much stuff that was really funny that we just didn't have time for in the final movie."

Since Borat Subsequent Moviefilm is probably my pick for the funniest movie of the year, I would love to see any of the extra footage they shot for the movie. Even if there's not an extended cut of the movie, hopefully some kind of home video release will give us tons of bonus footage to crack us up all over again.