'Lost' Honest Trailer: After All These Years, The Island Isn't Done With Us Yet

One of the shows that helped kick off the latest Golden Age of Television, also referred to as Peak TV, was undoubtedly J.J. Abrams' sci-fi mystery series Lost. What started out as a compelling survival story following an ensemble of castaways turned into a maddening mystery that started raising way too many questions for its own good. Even after all these years, the island isn't done with us, as evidenced by all the lingering questions on the Honest Trailer for the complete series run of Lost. Spoilers abound!

Lost Honest Trailer

Lost was responsible for ushering a lot of surprising elements that would become staples of later hit shows in the era of Peak TV. It made beloved anti-heroes cool before Breaking Bad, brought unexpected character deaths before Game of Thrones, and delivered one of the most intensely followed viral marketing campaigns, even before The Dark Knight knocked it out of the park. Hell, Sawyer was even giving out nicknames to people long before Tony Stark did it to all of Marvel's superheroes.

No matter how you feel about the series finale of Lost, you can't deny the show's impact on the future of television. It paved the way for more sprawling serial storytelling told across several seasons instead of relying so much on episodic or procedural narratives. It showed networks that fans were willing to stick with a show long enough to wait years to get answers to compelling mysteries. But it also spawned a lot of bad copycats, and for that, we are not thankful.