Three New Pixar Series Coming To Disney+, Including The Very Adorable 'Up' Spin-Off 'Dug Days'

Pixar is set to release three new animated series, as part of the influx of new shows headed to Disney+. Among those three animated series is Dug Days, a spin-off from Up featuring breakout character Dug the dog who trades the "dangers of the South America tropics for the dangers of suburbia," as well as a new Cars series, and Pixar's first longform animated series, Win or Lose.

Dug Days

In Dug Days, coming to Disney+ in fall 2021, Carl returns to suburbia with Dug the dog in tow, where all kinds of new adventures await like "puppies, fireworks, and... SQUIRRELS!!" A clip previewed at the Disney Investors conference shows Dug's trademark excitement at — well — everything, as Carl treats Dug with a box full of puppies. At first, Dug is delighted, playing around with the adorable little puppies, until one bites his ear, then another bites his foot, and suddenly it's a game of tug-of-war, and Dug is in the middle.

Bob Peterson, the co-director for the 2009 film Up, returns to voice Dug, with Dug's trademark awkward dialogue and excitable personality. It looks like an adorable series that will bring back a fan-favorite character after more than a decade away from the screen.


Meanwhile, Pixar is "speeding ahead with a new series following Lightning McQueen and Mater on a road trip across the country." The yet-untitled Cars series will feature "new characters, old friends, and imaginative destinations," and will head to Disney+ in fall 2022.

Win or Lose

Lastly, there's Win or Lose, Pixar's very first long-form animated series which will follow a co-ed middle school softball team in the week leading up their championship game. Inspired by conversations between Pixar animators who frequently had very different reactions to the same events, each episode is the same week from the different perspective of a character.

It's a "comedy about love, rivalry, and the challenges that we all face as we struggle to win at life," per Disney. Win or Lose sounds like an intriguing piece of experimental storytelling for a Pixar animated series. The series arrives on Disney+ in fall 2023.