'Encanto' Is Disney's Next Magical Animated Musical, Arriving In Fall 2021

Walt Disney Animation officially announced their new animated musical during the big investors meeting today. The film is called Encanto, and it's described a movie full of magical realism, focusing on a family in Colombia. Find out what we know about the movie below.

Encanto, the 60th film for Walt Disney Animation, will be directed by Zootopia filmmakers Byron Howard and Jared Bush, and co-directed and co-written by Charise Castro Smith. There will also be original songs written by Hamilton creator and star Lin-Manuel Miranda. If it's as lively as the music featured in this trailer, we're in for a treat.Though there weren't any major story details revealed, it was said that the movie will venture in the dangerous and wonderful chaos of family. Thanks to The Disinsider, we know that the main character will be a 15-year old girl named Mariana, who is described as lovable, funny, fallible, and utterly human. She's compared to Lucille Ball and uses her humor to cover up struggles with her self-worth.

There's also Juana, a woman in her 40s with a maternal presence in the film who is a deep thinker and good listener, and Fernando, a handsome, funny, and loud man in his 40s described as the life of the party with an excellent singing voice.

Meawhile, Mariana has an enemy in the form of a 15-year old boy named Carlos. He's also funny and a great singer, but he has a habit of telling tall tales. You can learn more about other supporting characters at The Disinsider.