Lucasfilm Announces 'The Mandalorian' Spin-Offs 'Ahsoka' And 'Rangers Of The New Republic'

Lucasfilm has announced two new Star Wars series that will be spin-offs of The Mandalorian, taking place within the same timeline. One of the shows is titled Ahsoka and will obviously follow the adventures of the (former) Jedi known as Ahsoka Tano. The other is called Rangers of the New Republic, and this is the first we're hearing of it. Find out more about The Mandalorian spin-off shows below.

Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni are developing both of these shows concurrently, and they will unfold alongside the adventures of The Mandalorian with interconnected stories.

The Ahsoka Tano series will likely follow Rosario Dawson as the Jedi as she is in pursuit of Grand Admiral Thrawn, which was revealed to be her motivation in "The Jedi" episode of The Mandalorian in the current second season. More than likely, this also includes her quest to track down Ezra Bridger, as we saw in the epilogue of the animated Star Wars Rebels.

As for Rangers of the New Republic, we're betting this is a spin-off series that will focus on Cara Dune and some new characters. It just so happens that this season Gina Carano's character was officially given a badge to be a law enforcer of the New Republic. That likely means we'll be seeing what kind of other business these Rangers of the New Republic have to deal with. Could this be like the Star Wars version of Law & Order?

We're excited to see how this will expand this era of the Star Wars universe that was set up by The Mandalorian, especially since these shows will " intersect with future stories and culminate into a climactic story event."

Speaking of which, The Mandalorian season 3 will arrive for Christmas 2021, a little later than the window that the previous seasons have debuted in.