'A Christmas Story' Honest Trailer: A Truly American Tale About Doing Anything To Get A Gun

A Christmas Story has been playing on television so much every holiday season that even people who don't love the movie probably have it memorized. From the slow-motion "Oh, fuuuuudge!" to the triple dog dare, this movie is chock full of quotable lines. But that has the Honest Trailer begging the question whether this holiday staple is actually a good movie or if we just like it because we know it by heart.

A Christmas Story Honest Trailer

Author Jean Shepard looks back at one of the most memorable Christmases that he ever had with great nostalgia. But when you think about it, Ralphe's holiday season is like the 2020 of Christmases. He gets traumatized by bullies, which sends him into a spiral of rage and a nervous breakdown. His parents seem ready to crack alongside him at any minute. He was forced to eat soap. And he faced his first disappointment when his favorite radio show was invaded by the crass world of capitalism. Oh, and he shot himself in the eye. Merry Christmas!

At the end of the day, there are probably only a couple dozen truly great Christmas movies. The rest are just holiday themed movies that we tolerate because we're all a little more forgiving around the holidays. Honestly, we should probably just stop making trying to make so many new Christmas movies, because we're just going to rewatch all of the old ones anyway. The last one we'll accept is Klaus. We're officially done with Christmas movies.