'Halloween Kills' Was Screened For A Terminally Ill Fan, And Jamie Lee Curtis Officiated Their Wedding

The Halloween franchise has brought us plenty of horror over the years, but this year, it brought joy to a terminally ill super fan who was given a bittersweet blessing by director David Gordon Green and slasher icon Jamie Lee Curtis.

Anthony Woodle is a horror super fan and aspiring director who was diagnosed with Stage IV esophageal cancer in 2019. That means he wasn't going to be able to see Halloween Kills, the next installment of the reinvigorated franchise that was supposed to be released in theaters this year, but ended up being pushed to October 2021. But thanks to the efforts of a close friend, Woodle was not only able to screen Halloween Kills before he passed, but his final moments were made even more special by Curtis herself.

Woodle and his girlfriend were engaged on Halloween in 2016, but he received some very bad news in 2019 when he found out he had Stage IV esophageal cancer. Knowing that he only had a short time before this battle would be over, Woodle's employer and friend, a movie theater owner in Charleston, South Carolina named Paul Brown, reached out to Rough House Productions, the company formed by David Gordon Green, Jody Hill and Danny McBride, producers of the new Halloween sequels. Brown hoped that his friend might be able to see Halloween Kills after the movie was delayed to October 2021. Not only did he get his wish, but Jamie Lee Curtis did something more for him.

The Post and Courier (via Deadline) learned that after Rough House Productions screened Halloween Kills early for Woodle and his longtime girlfriend Emilee, they connected the 29-year-old with Jamie Lee Curtis, and the two had a lovely conversation about the new movie, his struggling health, and his intent to get married before it was too late. In addition to sending a package that included an autographed knife from the movie, Curtis, who is an ordained minister, offered to marry Woodle to the love of his life.

Though Woodle and his wife intended to be married on Halloween, the ceremony was scheduled for September 13, which unfortunately was day when Woodle's health had deteriorated significantly, leaving him unconscious in bed but surrounded by his loved ones. The ceremony proceeded at 10:30 P.M. that night, and Curtis offered these beautiful words over the phone:

"Anthony and Emilee, all anyone is promised is this moment. We live and we love in this moment. May the blessings of God rest upon you, may his peace abide with you, may her spirit illuminate your heart now, in this moment. With the power vested in me by the internet, it is my great pleasure to tell you that you are now married people."

With his final wishes granted, Woodle passed away at 11:17 P.M.

This year has been brutal when it comes to losing loved ones. These kind of touching, bittersweet stories are nice to hear when so many others aren't always as fortunate to share such experiences when death comes knocking at their door. David Gordon Green and Jamie Lee Curtis don't have to do things like this, but these are the kind of good deeds that shine in a weary world. You can read more about Woodle's life, his love of Halloween, and his contributions to charity over at The Post and Courier.