'Toy Story 4' Honest Trailer: Finally, An Existential Crisis For The Whole Family

Pretty much everyone agrees that Toy Story 4 was completely unnecessary. Even though the movie was surprising in the emotional reaction it garnered from audiences, it wasn't a story that needed to be told, even with the introduction of memorable characters like the paranoid and self-deprecating Forky and the new misunderstood nightmare that is Gabby Gabby joining Woody in delivering an existential crisis for the whole family.

But the Toy Story 4 Honest Trailer also hones in one of the more disappointing aspects of the movie: the colorful ensemble cast that was so key to Toy Story adventures before now has nothing more to do than constantly beckon after Woody and Buzz.

Watch the Toy Story 4 Honest Trailer below.

Toy Story 4 Honest Trailer

Seriously though, the voice cast of Toy Story 4 includes Joan Cusack, Wallace Shawn, John Ratzenberger, Bonnie Hunt, Estellle Harris, Blake Clark, Jeff Garlin, Timothy Dalton, and even the leftovers of the late Don Rickles. But none of them have a lot to do anymore. They're barely more present than early cameos made by Mel Brooks, Carol Burnett and Carl Reiner, and the screentime not relegated to Woody, Buzz and Bo Peep is largely spent on Duke Caboom, who really only exists to keep the movie from dragging and depressing you too much.

Beyond that, Toy Story 4 really pushes Woody to the max with how far he has to go in order to pull this story off. Even Buzz and Woody's trip to Pizza Planet and back wasn't nearly as dangerous and convoluted as all this. And the toys are getting a little too daring with how often they come to life and how bold they are in risking people see them come alive. I guess after nearly 25 years following the rules of being a toy, they just don't care anymore.