'The Orange Years' Clip: Nickelodeon Doc Looks Back At The Weirdness Of Artie, The Strongest Man In The World

Tomorrow brings the release of The Orange Years, a documentary looking at the influential and strange history of Nickelodeon, dubbed "the cable network for kids." During the 1990s, some of the weirdest and wildest content arrived on Nickelodeon, and not only would it shape the minds of generations of creators to come, but it changed the landscape of what entertainment for children could be.

We've got an exclusive clip from The Orange Years that hones in one of the more odd offerings: The Adventures of Pete & Pete. In the clip, series writer Will McRobb talks about the character Artie, the strongest man...in the world. Watch The Orange Years clip below!

The Orange Years Clip

McRobb talks about Artie's place in The Adventures of Pete & Pete as the protector of Little Pete and addresses the fact that some people assumed that he didn't even exist but was merely a figment of the kid's imagination.

Whether he was real or not, a lot of people thought he was kinda gross since he wore some rather tight red pants that didn't leave a lot to the imagination, which is even weirder when you're hanging out with a little kid. Danny Tamberelli, who played Little Pete on the show, specifically remembers his mother not being amused by the wardrobe for Artie.

For those who don't remember, Artie was played by Toby Huss, who you might remembered from Bedazzled, Rescue Dawn, 42 or the Halloween sequel in 2018. He's also appeared in many TV shows over the years, including The League, Shameless, Colony, Halt and Catch Fire, GLOW, The Righteous Gemstones, and Dickinson. But even if you don't recognize Huss, you definitely know his voice, because he was the voice of Cotton Hill and several other characters on King of the Hill.

This is just one example of the kind of oddball humor that Nickelodeon brought to kids, for better or worse. And there are plenty more to be seen in The Orange Years documentary. Read the official synopsis below, and be sure to check out the movie on iTunes starting tomorrow. You can watch the trailer right here.

For millions of children and adults, the Nickelodeon Network is synonymous with growing up. In just a few years, the channel grew from a small local channel to an international phenomenon that helped shape a generation. Led by trailblazing visionary Geraldine Laybourne and her commitment to putting kids first, a group of unconventional heroes turned an underdog channel into an $8 billion dollar juggernaut as the golden standard for children's programming.The Orange Years chronicles the rise of Nickelodeon, with the actors, writers, and creators from all the golden age Nickelodeon shows that shaped your lives. It's wild. It's crazy. It changed the world.

The Orange Years will be available on VOD starting on November 17, 2020. Pre-order it at iTunes right here.