'National Treasure' Honest Trailer: An Action-Packed Mandatory High School Field Trip

If The Da Vinci Code was too hard to follow because of all the art and nonsense, then Disney has you covered with a treasure hunt where the puzzles are easy and everything is thoroughly explained like you're on some kind of high school field trip. National Treasure brings us Nicolas Cage in his most subtle role yet, and as the Honest Trailer reveals, there's an even greater conspiracy at the center of this movie than a treasure map on the back of the Declaration of Independence.

Watch the National Treasure Honest Trailer below.

National Treasure Honest Trailer

Disney smartly made the kind of movie that's educational enough that teachers will let substitutes show it to the class. Who knows how much money the studio made off schools buying copies of this movie for their library? Maybe that's the real national treasure, and Disney has been rolling in it for years.

In all seriousness though, the real treasure would be National Treasure 3, if Disney would hurry up and make that a thing. It was rumored to be in the works at the beginning of the year, but who knows what that looks like in the age of the coronavirus pandemic. Maybe it'll end up streaming on Disney+ or something like that. After, we're likely going to lose some movie theaters in the coming years. In fact, one day there might even be a secret treasure map that leads to the last remaining movie theater, hidden underground in Hollywood somewhere.