'The Atlantic City Story' Teaser: Two Wandering Souls Take Solace In An Unlikely Bond

Even though film festivals aren't really happening in their traditional format, there are still drive-in screenings and virtual premieres for many movies across the country. The Denver Film Festival is now host to the world premiere of a new indie drama called The Atlantic City Story. The film follows a woman in an unhappy marriage who tries to get away from it all in Atlantic City. There she meets a young gambler, and the two form an unlikely bond and take solace in each other as they both confront the issues from which they're trying to run away. Watch The Atlantic City Story teaser below.

The Atlantic City Story Teaser Trailer

Here's the official synopsis for The Atlantic City Story, starring Jessica Hecht and Mike Faist:

Jane Carver is an unhappily married woman who runs away from home in a moment of crisis and goes to Atlantic City for the weekend. While there, she meets a young gambler and an unlikely bond grows between them. However, they soon realize they cannot run from their problems forever, and together they must find the strength to go on.

This looks like a quiet, character-driven drama with promising performances by the two leads. Jessica Hecht in particular appears to say so much with the simplest glances. Those eyes are longing for something more, and it appears she might find that in the young gambler she meets. But how long can it last?

Marking the directorial debut of Henry Butash, who worked with Terrence Malick on Knight of Cups and Song to Song, the movie is said to explore despair, hope, forgiveness and love through these two wandering souls. I think those are all things that many of us have had to confront in a variety of ways, especially this year, so it shouldn't be hard to relate.

The Atlantic City Story is now available as a virtual premiere through the Denver Film Festival. If you purchase, a ticket, you'll also get access to a filmmaker Q&A session that will play immediately after you've watched the film. You can purchase access to the virtual screening over here untilĀ 11:45 P.M. EDT on November 8. Get a look at the rest of the films playing the festival right here.