'The Nevers': Joss Whedon's New Show Is "Complicated And Fresh," According To Star Nick Frost

Joss Whedon's return to the small screen — and his old stomping grounds of supernaturally gifted female leads saving the world — was already exciting enough. But now, The Nevers cast member Nick Frost is adding more fuel to the hype train. Frost teased that The Nevers is a "complicated and fresh" sci-fi series that befits Whedon's promise that this show could be the "most ambitious narrative" of his entire career thus far.

In an interview with Collider, Nick Frost gave an update on The Nevers, an upcoming Joss Whedon series for HBO that heralds the Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator's return to TV. "It looks f***ing crazy, it looks amazing. I think the script is fantastic. My character's like a serial lunatic," Frost said. The sci-fi series already has a pretty catchy premise — Victorian-era women with "unusual" abilities save the world — but Frost said that The Nevers distinguishes itself from other shows of the genre:

"Apart from the fact there's a supernatural element, it just feels totally different. ... I mean, even me with a broad kind of lexicon of knowledge of the supernatural and the genre, I was reading the scripts thinking, 'F***ing hell, this is gonna be incredible.'"

The Nevers began shooting in October 2019, but was put on hold due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Production picked up again about a month ago, Frost revealed, and they managed to wrap the 10-episode season. But Frost is unsure when the Whedon-directed series will be released. "I don't know how HBO are gonna drop it. I think COVID might have split a big season of 10 into two of five, but that literally changes all the time, so I don't know." But despite the uncertain release date, Frost said The Nevers would be worth the wait:

Joss is amazing — like as a person, not as a director. He's really giving and generous of spirit and of time. But when he's on set, he's so driven and focused and mumbly. And a lot of the time it's like, 'Oh my god, I'm not sure what you want!' Especially when you've got a face mask on as well. It's a kind of amazing way to work. But I love it. I love the character, and I think people are just gonna f***ing love it. It's complicated and it's fresh."

We know few details about The Nevers right now, and fewer about the role Frost is actually playing, but this is all very exciting stuff for those awaiting Whedon's return to TV, where the creator of beloved shows like Buffy and Firefly tends to thrive (I'm of the opinion that long-form storytelling and smaller stakes suit Whedon better). And having helmed so many pivotal projects for Marvel Studios — and getting burned out on big superhero blockbusters — there's probably little chance that he'll get canceled early by HBO, this time. Which is good, since Whedon called The Nevers "maybe the most ambitious narrative I've created" when the series was first announced.