LA Comic-Con Not Happening In December, Will Return In September 2021

Not too long ago, Comikaze Entertainment Inc. announced that they were somehow planning on having LA Comic-Con happen as an in-person event this December. This was rather shocking to a lot of fans, and had plenty of people questioning the logic behind such a decision considering the precarious times we're all living in due to the coronavirus pandemic. Thankfully, they've now canceled their plans for the event to take place later this year, and it will return in the fall of 2021 instead.

The announcement from Comikaze Entertainment Inc. came in an e-mail sent out to convention attendees and a post on the LA Comic-Con website. Here's their explanation as to why the event is no longer happening:

Last week on Oct. 7, Gov. Newsom finally gave an update on reopening plans for theme parks, which most people thought would precede event and convention guidelines. In his announcement, the Governor said he had decided NOT to provide reopening guidelines yet for theme parks, and by extension, events. Without guidelines, there is no way for LA County, the City, or event organizers like us to know if the plans and changes we made to be safe will be right, or enough. So with that new direction from the State, we are rescheduling.

The next LA Comic-Con will now happen from September 24 – September 26 2021, which is the usual time that the convention happens each year.

Honestly, we're not sure why they even tried to pull this event off this year, though they did somewhat try to explain their reasoning in the e-mail sent out to attendees. Comikaze Entertainment Inc. wrote:

"We know some of you questioned WHY we were trying to have a show in 2020. It was solely because our fan and exhibitor surveys asked us to try. We made every effort to change our event so it could be both fun and safe, and were awaiting guidelines from the governor to determine if that was possible. Without the guidelines, no one at the LA County Department of Public Health or in the Mayor's Office could approve, or reject, our event plans – we just didn't know. Now we know, so we cancelled right away."

That doesn't really explain why they thought you could get it off the ground this year to begin with. There's no way an event like this could get the right resources in place to have a safe event during a pandemic. Sure, theme parks have reopened and it's possible they can do so with the proper protocols in place, but they have infinitely more money to make it work (and they're outdoors). This felt like an ill-advised scenario from the beginning, and we're glad that it's been pushed back to next year.

If you paid for tickets, you can either choose to rollover the cost to next year's event, or you can have a refund. Comikaze Entertainment Inc. promises to have all refund requests processed within one week. And if you choose the rollover option, you won't have to pay a cent more in 2021, even if the prices happen to go up.

As for the event itself, all the talent that was booked for 2020 will rollover into 2021. Apparently you can even buy tickets and autographs from some of the names right now, and you'll be able to redeem them for 2021.

Head over to the LA Comic-Con website for more information, and buy tickets for next year if you're so inclined.