'Doctor Who' Panel Teases First Look, New Details Of Upcoming Holiday Special "Revolution Of The Daleks" [NYCC]

Doctor Who star Jodie Whittaker was joined by her companions played by Mandip Gill and Bradley Walsh to reflect on the game-changing twelfth season of the beloved BBC sci-fi series, and give a tease for the highly anticipated holiday special "Revolution of the Daleks" at this year's virtual New York Comic-Con. While we didn't learn much about the holiday special, including what its "holiday" designation means for a release date (is it Christmas or New Years?! Tell us BBC!), we did get two first look images from "Revolution of the Daleks," which show Team TARDIS in a tight spot. See the first look images, and the details teased by NYCC panel moderator Melanie McFarland from Salon.com, below.

At the New York Comic-Con virtual "Metaverse," the Doctor paid a visit alongside her two companions Yaz (Gill) and Graham (Walsh). Tosin Cole's Ryan was not present, but the three Doctor Who stars were able to confirm a few details about the upcoming Doctor Who holiday special "Revolution of the Daleks," which will be airing on BBC America as part of a weeklong Doctor Who holiday marathon running from Christmas Day to New Year's Day. That suggests that "Revolution of the Daleks" will continue the tradition of Doctor Who's New Year's specials started by 2019's "Resolution," eschewing the long-held Christmas Day special that the sci-fi series has had since it was revived in 2005.

While an official release date was not confirmed yet, BBC released two new images from "Revolution of the Daleks," one of which shows Whittaker's Thirteenth Doctor in the alien prison where she was transported to in the season 12 finale, and the other of which shows the rest of Team TARDIS back home in Sheffield, in deep conversation around a kitchen table.

"Where we leave the Doctor in the final episode of season 12, this explores in a way one of the first times the Doctor is away from the gang, and from the Doctor's point of view, has no idea what's going on Earth," Whittaker described of the Doctor's dire situation. "We're in a position where the Doctor is in this prison, and the team is facing–"

"We're back in Sheffield not knowing where she's gone, trying to go along with our lives," Gill interjected. "We do come across a plot with a Dalek and we have to figure out...how to fight a Dalek without the Doctor."

"How do we, as the three, [fight an alien]? We're thrown in the deep end," Walsh added.

The three companions are discussing what to do now that the Doctor is out of their lives, and wondering if she will even return for them — not knowing that she has been imprisoned. "I can speak for Yaz, she's finding it very difficult," Gill said. "If she's thrown back into a normal life without having a say. She's struggling with the idea of not being on the TARDIS anymore."

It looks like the companions have been on their own for a while now, based on the Doctor's scribbles on her prison wall. "What does it mean for a basically-immortal being like the Doctor to be given a life sentence in a maximum security alien prison?" McFarland asked Whittaker.

"We may discover that," Whittaker responded coyly. "Or we may not!"

While the Doctor Who holiday special has been in the can for a while now (and may or may not feature the exit of two companions), the upcoming season 13 is still in pre-production with hopes to start shooting "before the close of 2020," Whittaker confirmed. What can we expect of this mysterious season 13 after the polarizing game-changer that was season 12?

"Unbelievable year of Titanic proportions," Walsh teased.