Cool Stuff: Oh, 'Dumb And Dumber' Funko POPs, Huh? Welp, See Ya Later

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It's been 26 years since Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey hit the road as the dimwitted Harry and Lloyd in Dumb and Dumber, and the movie still has us cracking up. Now you can make your nostalgia for those laughs more tangible with the recently revealed like of Funko POPs inspired by the movie. Hopefully you didn't want to get your hands on Mary Samsonite Swanson though. Because not only is she married, but the Dumb and Dumber Funko POPs collection is focused squarely on Harry and Lloyd with no less than five different versions of the dense duo.

Dumb and Dumber Funko POPs

We've got the standard versions of Harry and Lloyd, one with that terrible bowl cut and the other with a messy mop of blonde hair. Each of them also has their own Funko POP Ride on the way. Lloyd is cruising on that scooter (he gets 70 miles to the gallon on that hog) while Harry is suited up in his Mutts Cutts onesie complete with his van that was converted into a dog. Chicks love it. It's a shaggin' wagon.

Then we have them getting all dolled up to go to the International Preservation Society dinner, each with a salon apron on, while Lloyd has a bowl on his head for that awful haircut. For some reason, they both have their periwinkle and orange tuxedos on, even though I'm pretty sure they're not wearing them during that montage. But whatever.

Speaking of those tuxedos, it would be a travesty if we didn't get Harry and Lloyd fully dressed in that hilariously bad formal wear. In fact, there are two versions of them in those tuxes. There are the regular versions, complete with top hats and canes. And then there are the chase variants, with Lloyd holding the champagne bottle that will sadly kill an Icelandic snow owl and Harry with the glasses ready to celebrate. Plus, there are keychain versions of them in tuxes too.

Honestly, we're surprised it took this long for Dumb and Dumber Funko POPs to become a reality. Even Sharknado was given a Funko POP, and it's actually rare and expensive on the secondary market. But now you can get Harry and Lloyd right now over at GameStop.