'Borat 2' Teaser: Borat Is Back With An Official Release Date On Amazon

Borat is back, baby. And it's like nothing at all has changed for the Kazakh TV personality played by Sacha Baron Cohen in the 14 years since he took America by storm. He's got the same boxy suit, the same mustache, the same oblivious attitude — but this time, people know his face. So he has to go undercover in Borat 2, though like many of his antics, it doesn't go so well. See how Borat tries to pull that off in a newly released teaser, which reveals the official release date on Amazon.

Borat 2 Teaser

Sacha Baron Cohen's Borat sequel was filmed and edited in secret earlier this year, but the curtain is finally being raised on this longtime-coming follow-up to the 2006 comedy. Following a piece of classic online trolling on Twitter on the night of the U.S. presidential debates, in which the account for the "Republic of Kazakhstan" praised President Trump's performance before the debates were even held, Amazon has released a Borat 2 teaser ahead of the full trailer.

The short teaser is mostly comprised of Baron Cohen's Borat attempting to promote his movie in front of a green screen with the text "Borat is back to save the world," but results in him tearing up the green paper around him. We also get some of the first footage from Borat 2, showing Borat being recognized on the street by random people, forcing him to run around with a paper bag on his head. He also attempts to show how he can cure COVID-19 with a hammer, which ends just as you'd expect it to.

The sequel stars Baron Cohen as Borat, who was first introduced in 2006's Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan as a Kazakh reporter who comes to the U.S. to make a documentary about the greatness of its people, and ends up offending and humiliating everyone he meets. The movie was a huge hit, earning $262 million worldwide and launching Baron Cohen's career, with the writer and star winning a Golden Globe for his performance.

The sequel will be even more explicitly political, targeting the Trump administration. The film not only features the president's personal lawyer, Rudy Guiliani, but it also explores the relationship between Trump and the late convicted sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. Vice President Mike Pence reportedly factors into the narrative as well. It will also apparently address the coronavirus pandemic, as seen in this public service announcement featuring Borat wearing a mask — and nothing else.

Borat 2 will premiere on Amazon Prime Video on October 23, 2020.