'Borat 2' Releases A Very Nice Teaser Tied To The Presidential Debate

If there's one thing that can be singled out as the key to comedy, it's timing. And Sacha Baron Cohen certainly timed his teaser for his Borat sequel right, releasing a video from the "Republic of Kazakhstan" praising President Trump's performance in last night's U.S. presidential debates. But the funny thing is: he released it before the debate even happened. Watch the Borat 2 teaser below

Borat 2 Teaser

Sacha Baron Cohen's Borat sequel was filmed and edited in secret earlier this year, but the comedian-actor is having no problem drawing attention to the film now. Ahead of the first U.S. presidential debate, a Twitter account for the "Republic of Kazakhstan" tweeted a video praising Trump's performance in the debates at 8 P.M. EST — before the debates had even started.

"Congratulation to great friend of the Kazakh people [Donald Trump] for winning debate today! Impressive and amazing result for a strong premier who always put America and Kazakhstan first!" the caption reads. The video is just as much of a troll, showing footage of Trump's many hypocrisies while a heavily accented Baron Cohen enthusiastically narrates, "Donald Trump, strongest premier in history. He not racist! Black guys love him so much they kneel before him. Trump never had stroke. He protector of women. He hero of war. Biden's breath so bad he forced to wear mask. Because of Trump, 350 million Americans still alive. Trump never had stroke. Vote for Premier Trump or you will be crushed."

For the final zinger, a tiny text pops up at the end for a millisecond reading: "This ad may contain false statements."

The sequel stars Baron Cohen as Borat, no longer the little-known Kazakh TV personality he played in the original 2006 movie. This time, the public knows who he is, so the character has to go "undercover" to interview people.

As we saw with the teaser, this will be a heavily political movie targeting the Trump administration. The film not only features the president's personal lawyer, Rudy Guiliani, but it also explores the relationship between Trump and the late convicted sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. Vice President Mike Pence reportedly factors into the narrative as well.

Borat 2 will premiere on Amazon Prime video in late October 2020.