Cool Stuff: Adidas Celebrates 'Toy Story' 25th Anniversary With A Collection Just For Kids

Even though a good chunk of the items featured in our "Cool Stuff" category is geared towards kids who love action figures, pletny of the toys and collectibles we feature are loved by adults too. But when it comes to the new Toy Story 25th anniversary collection of shoes and gear from Adidas, this is strictly for kids only, unless you have some seriously tiny feet.

In honor of the milestone anniversary of Pixar's first feature length computer animated movie, a whole set of Toy Story athletic shoes are being released by Adidas, each of them taking design inspiration from one of the main characters in the movie. And for all you longtime Pixar fans, there's a certain basketball you might want to pick up too.

Adidas Toy Story Shoes Collection

Yeehaw! Woody and Jessie are ready to get this wagon train moving, and your kids will be too with these shoes inspired by their favorite cowboy and cowgirl. These shoes are ugly as hell, but kids don't give a damn. They'll be pumped to see all the details inspired by Woody and Jessie's signature country western outfits.

Adidas Toy Story Shoes

Looking a little more like traditional athletic shoes, here's the pair inspired by Buzz Lightyear, space ranger. Not only do they have the color scheme of the character's space suit, but the shoe itself also glows under a black light. Or maybe they just glow in the dark. We're not sure. But the coolest part is seeing Andy's name inscribed on the outsole. The only other shoe what that signature is the Woody shoe above.

Easily the coolest shoes out of this collection were created for Andy's piggy bank Ham and his timid dinosaur Rex. These are just cool, casual Adidas shoes in familiar Originals styles. Ham's is a pink low-top with a little shine to it, and Rex's is a high-top covered in stylish green scales and his sharp teeth.

Adidas Toy Story Shoes

Finally, the crane machine aliens from Pizza Planet inspired three different shoes that kids can wear on the football field or on the basketball court. There are two different kinds of footballs cleats along with a basketball shoe. Each has the neon green and blue color scheme of the aliens themselves, and all your kid's friends will undoubtedly be saying, "Oooooooh!"

Adidas Toy Story Shoes

Finally, even though all these shoes are only for kids, there is one thing that the adults will enjoy. Pixar's famous red star ball, which appears in some form in every single Pixar movie, has been turned into a basketball. It's probably the coolest part of this whole collection.


The entire Adidas Toy Story collection goes on sale starting on October 1 at 3:00 A.M. ET / 12:00 A.M. PT. You can see more of the collection, including some shirts and a jersey (also just for kids), at the official Adidas website right now.