Every Season Of 'Saturday Night Live' Is Coming To Peacock In October

Before Peacock launched, one of the features that the NBCUniversal streaming service bragged about was that it would be offering every season of Saturday Night Live. But when the service launched earlier this year, it only featured the most recent six seasons, as well as a smattering of content from previous episodes by way of "best of" collections and the "SNL Vault" channel. Thankfully, that's about to change, as Peacock will be getting every season of Saturday Night Live starting on October 1.

Variety has the news about when you can watch every season of Saturday Night Live on Peacock. The late night sketch series has jumped around various streaming services over the years, and recent seasons have been consistently available on Hulu and YouTube. But this has the potential to be the most comprehensive and complete collection of Saturday Night Live episodes available, especially since it's coming straight from NBCUniversal.

The Saturday Night Live library was first available for streaming was back in the early 2010s, when both Netflix and Hulu had as close to the full library as they could get at the time. Yahoo made it even better by not only providing access to the entire archived collection of SNL sketches, but they allowed fans to easily search the library, and they also had featurettes from behind the scenes, not to mention sketches cut after dress rehearsal.

Saturday Night Live itself also had a similar offering with their short-lived app. Then NBC's short-lived comedy subscription service Seeso also provided access to all that old SNL material until it shut down in 2017, and that's the last time the full library of sketches was available online. More recently, YouTube has been the place to find vintage sketches, making-of shorts, and other SNL goodies, but not in a streamlined, efficiently collected way.

So now that Peacock will be getting all of Saturday Night Live, I'm hoping that this ends up being the comedy hub that die-hard fans like me have always wanted. The only possible shortcoming might be that the episodes included in every season could still be cut short. The show's musical performances and sketches that prominently featured licensed music have made it difficult to get the complete collection of SNL episodes available online. That's mostly why seasons of SNL haven't been released on DVD, with the exception of the first five seasons. Could Peacock have finally fixed this problem?

Having the entire SNL library could be a huge draw for Peacock. Every generation complains that the previous cast of SNL was when the show was good, and there are plenty of people who grew up on the show in the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s who would love to go back in time to watch those old episodes. Either way, I know I'll be spending many hours watching these old sketches.