'Mulan' Remake Honest Trailer: Everything You Loved About The Original Disney Movie...Is Gone

If Disney was going to do one thing right, you'd think that it would be giving Mulan a worthy live-action remake that let's an all-Asian cast shine in an epic retelling of one of China's most famous legends. But nope! Instead, they take everything you loved about the original animated adventure, shove it to the side, and try to create a Chinese fantasy war drama with sparks of female empowerment, all in a package that's tame enough for the whole family. Ugh. Can we just have Mushu back already?

Mulan Remake Honest Trailer

Disney was hoping that this movie was going to rake in huge box office dollars in China. But even though movie theaters are up and running overseas again, poor reviews of the movie have caused it to flop, and instead, audiences have chosen to pirate the film instead. That's pretty spiteful, especially when you consider the movie is just going to end up on Disney+ in a few months anyway.

Maybe this is just a product of audiences being exhausted and generally grumpier about the coronavirus pandemic keeping things closed for so long. At least that would be an explanation for the lack of enthusiasm about the film in the United States. But now that the film is opening overseas to lukewarm results, I think it's safe to say that Disney missed the mark with this one. Will that stop them from marching forward with an onslaught of more live-action remakes? No! Since when has any major movie studio in Hollywood learned a lesson?