Cool Stuff: Funko's NYCC 2020 Exclusives Include 'Up', 'Harry Potter', 'Star Wars' & More

Like many events this year, New York Comic-Con is going virtual for the 2020 edition of the convention taking place from October 8 – October 11. Though there's no in-person event happening, some of the exclusives that were meant for NYCC will be getting released online.

Following in the footsteps of exclusive releases for San Diego Comic-Con and Star Wars Celebration, the NYCC 2020 Funko POPs exclusives will be available for purchase online to everybody. Funko has unveiled new releases from Star Wars, The Mandalorian, Pixar's Up, Harry Potter, some beloved animated Disney movies, and more. See what you'll have to clamor for online next month below.

NYCC 2020 Funko POPs Exclusives

If you want to get the previously released two-pack of a young Carl and Ellie from Pixar's Up (or any Funko POPs inspired by the movie), you'll have to spend top dollar on the secondary market. But maybe you'll have better luck by trying to get this Funko POP movie scene featuring middle-aged Carl and Ellie painting their mailbox.

Harry Potter will get two new additions to the expansive collection of Funko POPs inspired by the wizarding world. First up, the Weasley household known as The Burrow is getting turned into a Funko POP Town set that includes Molly Weasley as a POP figure. Plus, there's a new figure of Ron Weasley decked out for the Quidditch World Cup.

Not all the exclusive Star Wars Funko POPs were sent out during Star Wars Celebration, it seems. A new two-pack of Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa from the flashback sequence in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is coming. We're not sure why Luke's hair is so dark when other Funko POPs that have depicted him around the time of Return of the Jedi have given him a lighter hair color, but whatever.

If there weren't already enough Baby Yoda Funko POPs out there from The Mandalorian, here's one more. This time he's holding onto a necklace featuring the symbol of The Mandalorian. The necklace was given to the little guy in the first season of the show, and let's hope he hasn't eaten it by the time the second season rolls around next month.

Disney is also unleashing some Funko POPs that go back to their roots. Pinocchio sidekick Jiminy Cricket gets a new Funko POP featuring the little insect floating down with his umbrella drawn. Now if only there was a Pinocchio made to match the scale of Jiminy Cricket.

Finally, the adorable alien Stitch has been given yet another Funko POP figure, this time wearing a chef's hat and holding a birthday cake for his pal Lilo. We're not sure who's clamoring for all these Stitch figures, but someone must be buying them, right?

There might be more NYCC 2020 Funko POP exclusives left to reveal. We'll be sure to update this post with any of the cool movie and television related releases right here. As for details on when and where you can get ahold of them, you'll have to stay tuned to the official Funko blog for release information.