'Butcher: A Short Film' Reveals What Happened To Billy At The Start Of 'The Boys' Season 2

What happened to Billy Butcher? That was the resounding question after the first three episodes of The Boys season 2 premiered on Amazon Prime Video last week, which presented a mysterious gap in time between Karl Urban's Butcher waking up in front of a store and reuniting with his anti-superhero vigilante group The Boys. But Butcher: A Short Film finally fills in that gap, showing what Butcher was up to while he was in hiding.

Butcher A Short Film

In the 5-minute short film, Billy is on the run from the law after being named by the press for the murder of Vought Vice President Madelyn Stillwell (Elisabeth Shue). After a close call with the cops, Billy turns up at the house of an old army contact, to ask for help tracking down his wife Becca (Shantel VanSanten), who he now knows is alive. But though his old wartime buddy greets him warmly at first, the short film soon descends into bloody chaos (as many an episode of The Boys is wont to do).

The short film was teased by showrunner Eric Kripke, who had originally shot the sequence for the second episode of season 2, "but it ultimately didn't end up fitting that well into the episode because it made Butcher's story a lot less mysterious and intriguing, and it slowed down the rhythm," Kripke told Entertainment Weekly.

Kripke had originally planned "a whole storyline in episode two" for Butcher, the showrunner told Collider before the short's release. "It's not really spoiling anything to say that as season two begins Butcher is MIA and then shows up, and in episode two we originally had shot something that really revealed where he went and what his experiences were. But it ultimately didn't end up fitting that well into the episode because it made Butcher's story a lot less mysterious and intriguing and it kind of slowed down the rhythm a little bit, it was better to not know in that particular episode."

The Boys first season was a major hit for the streamer, and a third season has already confirmed by Kripke and Amazon. Kripke and his writers are already working on scripts for season 3 and plan to begin shooting in early 2021, should the current coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic allow.

Amazon releases new episodes of The Boys season 2 each Friday.

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