Sylvester Stallone Is Working On A 'Rocky IV' Director's Cut, May Be Cutting Out Paulie's Ridiculous Robot

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This year marks the 35th anniversary of Rocky IV. And since tensions with Russia are at their highest since the Cold War, maybe it's time to revisit the movie where a boxer from Philly takes down the Soviet Union. Thankfully, Sylvester Stallone is working on something that fans are going to want to see: a director's cut of Rocky IV. And the good news is that MGM is already on board to release it. 

Sylvester Stallone, who directed and starred in Rocky IV, posted this to Instagram over the weekend:

It's good to know that fans don't have to write letters or send boxing gloves to MGM in order to get this director's cut released to the masses. What will make this cut of the film different from what was released theatrically remains to be seen, but Sylvester Stallone had no problem expressing his disdain for one infamous detail from the sequel that he just doesn't like anymore.

In Rocky IV, Rocky Balboa gives his brother-in-law Paulie a robot for his birthday. Why? Who the f*** knows. Here's a reminder:

The robot, looking like Black Manta from Aquaman, has gained cult status from Rocky fans, and it even has its own action figure now. But AV Club noticed that in response to some comments asking about Paulie's robot, Stallone said things like "the robot is going to the junkyard forever, no more robot." He also flatly said, "I don't like the robot anymore." Bad news for robot enthusiasts, I guess.

Will there be enough differences between the theatrical cut of Rocky IV and this upcoming director's cut to entice fans to pick it up? If they can figure out a way to insert a computer generated version of a younger Vladamir Putin into the movie and have Rocky punch in right in that grumpy-ass face of is, I will buy copies for every member of my family.

Something that the fans have long wanted to see is the music of Bill Conti put into the movie instead of the existing score by Vince DiCola. That would certainly be something to warrant a purchase of this director's cut.

Another possibility is foreshadowing the events of Creed II in some capacity. He could put in a subtle line from Stallone saying, "Hey Ivan, one day, a boxer I trained is going to disgrace the future beefcake son who you're so hard on because of your own shortcomings." Or maybe right as Apollo Creed takes that fatal punch, he has a vision of young Adonis Creed screaming, "I will avenge you!" But hey, I guess it's up to Stallone.