That 'Clueless' TV Series Is Officially Heading To Peacock

Clueless TV series is headed to Peacock, because everything old is new again. The series will focus not on Cher, the main character played in the film by Alicia Silverstone, but rather Cher's friend Dionne, who was played by Stacey Dash. This series has been in the works since 2019, where it's been in development at CBS Studios. At one point, The CW was showing interest, but now it's at Peacock.

Variety has the news on the Clueless TV series at Peacock. We first reported news of the series back in 2019, and the show has the same cringe-worthy description now as it did then:

The untitled comedy series is described a baby pink and bisexual blue-tinted, tiny sun-glasses wearing, oat milk latte and Adderall-fueled look at what happens when queen bee Cher disappears and her lifelong number two Dionne steps into Cher's vacant Air Jordans. How does Dionne deal with the pressures of being the new most popular girl in school, while also unraveling the mystery of what happened to her best friend?

When the news of the series surfaced last year it was being described as a "drama." The Variety story makes no mention of that, so it's unclear if they're jettisoning the drama angle or just choosing to overlook it for the time being. Released in 1995, Clueless drew inspiration from Jane Austen's Emma, and followed very popular high school student Cher (Alicia Silverstone) as she navigates her posh life in Beverly Hills. The movie was a big hit and turned Silverstone into a star, and remains beloved to this day.

This won't be the first time Clueless headed to TV, either. In 1996, a Clueless TV series premiered on ABC as part of their TGIF lineup. The show lasted for three seasons. But while that series was more or less a continuation of events from the film, this new take sounds like it wants to take the story into a new, and modern-day, direction. Jordan Reddout and Gus Hickey will serve as writers and executive producers on the series.