Cool Stuff: Mondo Is Giving 'Marvel's Avengers' Video Game Score A Vinyl Soundtrack

Marvel's Avengers won't be hitting video game consoles until September 4, but the beta gameplay is underway right now. That means players have already heard the game's score composed by Bobby Tahouri, and soon it will be available as a vinyl soundtrack release by Mondo, including artwork by Phantom City Creative.

Marvel's Avengers Video Game Soundtrack on Mondo Vinyl

Marvel's Avengers Video Game Soundtrack

Mondo and Hollywood Records are proud to present Bobby Tahouri's original score to the 2020 game Marvel's Avengers.

Marvel's Avengers allows you to take control of earth's mightiest heroes in an all new original playable story. Crafting original music for these iconic characters is no easy task, but Bobby Tahouri (Rise Of The Tomb Raider) has composed an epic, sweeping score deserving of the massive playable roster of Marvel heroes.

Marvel's Avengers score comes on 180-gram Tri-Colored Vinyl in yellow red and blue, which is representative of the colors of many of the Avengers, but especially Ms. Marvel. Mondo will have it up for pre-order on Wednesday, August 12 at 1:00 P.M. EST for $25 in their online shop, but it won't ship until sometime in September, probably after the game is released. It will go very well with one of the many Marvel Comics inspired record slipmats also available at the Mondo store.

If you'd like to play Marvel's Avengers beta, here are the remaining opportunities that will be available:

  • PlayStation 4 open beta: August 14-16
  • Xbox One, PC pre-order beta: August 14-16
  • Open beta for all platforms: August 21-23