Cool Stuff: Super7 Launching Outstanding Disney Action Figure Line, Starting With The Sorcerer's Apprentice & More

When it come to the classic animated Disney movies, finding quality collectibles paying tribute to them can be rather difficult unless you want to spend a hefty amount of money. That's especially true when it comes to action figures inspired by the Disney movies of decades ago. But the toy makers at Super7 are about to change that.

Today, Super7 announced a new partnership with Disney that will have them created a line of Ultimate Figures inspired by the many characters of Disney's long history of animated movies. We're talking quality action figures that bring the classic Disney animation style to life in 3D, complete with an outstanding array of accessories. And they're starting with Mickey Mouse from the Fantasia short The Sorcerer's Apprentice, Pinocchio, and Prince John from Robin Hood.

Super7 Disney Action Figures

Super7 Disney Action FiguresThe Sorcerer's Apprentice version of Mickey Mouse is one of the most iconic versions of the Disney mascot. Wearing a red robe and star-spangled wizard hat, Mickey uses magic in an effort to clean up a watery mess in his master's quarters.

Mickey comes with interchangeable heads and hands, a couple buckets of water, the broom that he brings to life, and the axe he eventually has to use to stop him from filling the room with too much water. And that's a real cloth robe with a little rope belt too.

Super7 Disney Action Figures

Next up, we have the wooden puppet Pinocchio. On top of the alternate heads and hands for Geppetto's creation, he comes with all his animal friends, including Figaro the cat, Cleo the fish, and the wise mentor Jiminy Cricket. Pinocchio also comes with an apple and a school book, but we wish that he came with a partially transformed donkey head too.

Super7 Disney Action Figures

Finally, Prince John from Robin Hood is the final character in the first wave of figures. We're not sure why Robin Hood isn't the first character from this movie to get the action figure treatment, but this Prince John figure is stupendous. Along with the outstanding alternate heads and hands, including a set of hands with the jewels gone from his rings, Prince John gets a mirror to hit his snake sidekick Sir Hiss, of which there are two versions included. Oh, and that robe is velvet too!

All three of these figures are now available for pre-order at the Super7 online shop for $45 each, or you ca get them all in a set for $135, which isn't a discount, but it just allows you to order them in one fell swoop. But if you want them, don't wait too long, because they can only be pre-ordered between August 5 and September 5.

Here's the official press release from Super7 for their new Disney action figures.

What do you get when you cross a fanatical bunch of toy makers with one of the most imaginative brands on earth?

Pure magic.

We are thrilled to announce the beginning of what we imagine will be an amazing creative  partnership between Super7 and our childhood heroes over at Disney. It begins today, with the launch of our first three Disney collectibles: a trio of Ultimates! Figures commemorating some of our favorite characters from the formative years of the Magic Kingdom. It will continue with...well, you'll just have to wait and see.

Ultimates! Figures are the perfect medium for our Disney launch. They provide an opportunity to serve up all bells and whistles; the ability to create something truly unique for both the Super7 and Disney obsessive fan. Our approach, as with everything, was to dig beneath the surface to find the spirit and the angles that allow us to make the toys we always wanted. The details expressed in each Ultimates! Figure are unrivaled; exactly what you want when you're working with the classics. And the care taken to create each? That, too, is on another level.