'The Way I See It' Trailer: Meet The White House Photographer For Barack Obama And Ronald Reagan

There's a lot that the American people don't get to see when it comes to the responsibilities of the President of the United States of America. But Pete Souza has seen more than most as official White House photographer, capturing the Commander-in-Chief at nearly every turn. Souza served for two very different administrations, that of Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama, and now a new documentary called The Way I See It introduces the man who hasn't minced words about the differences between these two presidents from different sides of the aisle and the corrupt, pathetic, shell of a man currently in office.

The Way I See It Trailer

What's seemingly great about this documentary is that it illustrates how unprecedented the current situation we're in really is. If this documentary were only about shining a positive light on the Obama presidency, it would be immediately dismissed as biased. But the inclusion of Ronald Reagan, who the GOP has frequently held up as the poster child for how great a Republican president can be, doesn't give any naysayers a leg to stand on. With these comparisons, it becomes clear that the current president is a joke.

Through the photos Souza captured during his tenure at the White House, and the memories he has of photographing historical moments, we see the stark contrast between what respected presidents are like, and what a heap of trash in spray tan does on a daily basis. You'd be hard-pressed to find any photos of Donald Trump doing anything candidly or normally, let alone worthy of history. It's kind of baffling for a man who sees everything as a photo op.

As Souza explains in the trailer, the level of access given to the White House photographer for the Trump administration pales in comparison to what he was allowed to capture with his camera. Why wouldn't the man who can't seem to stop seeking attention and praise want the official White House photographer there to capture photos of his time spent in one of the highest positions of power in the world? We already know the answer.

The Way I See It is directed by Dawn Porter, produced by Evan Hayes (Free Solo), Laura Dern and her Jaywalker Pictures partner Jayme Lemons, in association with Platform One Media.

Based on the New York Times #1 bestseller comes The Way I See It, an unprecedented look behind the scenes of two of the most iconic Presidents in American History, Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan, as seen through the eyes of renowned photographer Pete Souza. As Official White House Photographer, Souza was an eyewitness to the unique and tremendous responsibilities of being the most powerful person on Earth. The movie reveals how Souza transforms from a respected photojournalist to a searing commentator on the issues we face as a country and a people.

The Way I See It opens in limited theaters sometime in September.