Amazon Renews 'Hunters' For A Second Season, Because Nazis Still Need To Be Taught A Lesson

Earlier this year, Amazon brought the conspiracy thriller series Hunters to their streaming library. The series created by David Weil and executive produced by filmmaker Jordan Peele follows a pack of Nazi hunters trying to track down hundreds of high-ranking Nazi officials who are living among us in 1977 New York and conspiring to create a Fourth Reich in the United States. Now the story will continue with Amazon ordering a second season of Hunters.

Amazon sent out a press release announcing the order of Hunters season 2. David Weil said in a statement:

"I am beyond grateful to Jen and the Amazon family for their continued extraordinary support of Hunters. Alongside our magnificent cast, incredible crew, and brilliant writers and producers, I am more eager than ever to share the next chapter of the Hunters saga with the world."

Al Pacino brought plenty of gravitas to the series that also starred Logan Lerman, Jerrika Hinton, Josh Radnor, Kate Mulvany, Tiffany Boone, Greg Austin, Louis Ozawa, Carol Kane, Saul Rubinek, Dylan Baker and Lena Olin. We're not sure if all of the surviving characters they played will be returning for the second season, but since the first season had such an all-star cast, it's likely that we might see some more big names recruited to expand the story even more.

Our own Chris Evangelista wasn't too impressed with the series, but didn't count it as a total loss. Though he singled out Al Pacino as giving a fantastic performance, he wrote this in his review of the first season:

"The flaws behind Hunters are too large to overlook, and yet the show is admittedly rewarding. Yes, you've seen all the Tarantino-style tricks the show throws at you before. And yes, the dialogue is bound to make you roll your eyes more than a few times. But the show's angle of fascists gaining power in America while a group of people decide to finally fight back – and kick some Nazi ass – is undeniably entertaining, even cathartic. It's too bad the show doesn't have much else to offer."

Meanwhile, Ariel Fisher wrote up a passionate and personal perspective on the series that praised how authentic the series was in its portrayal of the Jewish experience, both in history and today. She wrote:

"The season starts in our past and ends in our present, despite being set in 1977. It addresses the anxieties we feel of being forgotten, and being swallowed by the world — the global Jewish population in the 1970s was roughly 12.6 million against the world's 4 billion, and is now approximately 14.6 million to the world's 7.8 billion. It focuses on a big part of our culture while highlighting our oppression and desire to be heard and seen."

So even if the series doesn't entirely come together for some, it still strikes a chord for others.

If you'd like to read more about the first season of Hunters, we have an interview with showrunner Nikki Toscano, where she addresses the show's stylistic flair, its provocative themes, and the basics of its production.

The first season of Hunters is available on Amazon Prime right now.