When 'The Office' Arrives On Peacock In 2021, It Will Come With Extended Episodes

The Office is still sitting comfortably at Netflix as one of the streaming service's most popular shows. But starting in 2021, if fans want to stream the series, they'll have to head over to Peacock. In order to make sure fans who have seen the series countless times will follow the series to Peacock instead of just buying it themselves, they'll be releasing extended editions of episodes that will restore cut footage that has never aired on TV before.Bloomberg learned about the extended episodes coming to Peacock from Matt Strauss, chairman of Peacock and NBCUniversal Digital Enterprises. The executive said:

"We will be reintroducing 'The Office' in a more complete way, incorporating elements that were not part of the original broadcast."

The extended episodes are likely the producer's cuts, and although they never aired on TV during the original broadcast run of The Office, they were made available on NBC.com after the episodes originally premiered. The extended cuts have also been available on DVD and some of them have also been streaming on Netflix. But there's enough new footage in these episodes that hasn't always been readily available that might entice fans to sign up for Peacock. For a list of episodes that have longer cuts, head over here.

Personally, as a longtime fan of The Office who consistently tosses on reruns when their air on Comedy Central and has seen the entire series run several times over, this isn't a huge draw. The footage cut from these episodes was taken out for a reason. In some cases it's simply due to time constraints, but even so, this is content that was deemed non-essential enough to be cut from the episode. So it's not exactly an exciting addition. But during a time when everyone might be missing their own offices, potentially into next year, it might have a little more appeal.

Peaccock spent tons of money to pull The Office away from Netflix, so they're going to do everything they can to entice fans to keep it in their streaming rotation. If they can get fans to follow The Office, that means they have new subscribers who may give their original content a shot, which is what they really need to stay alive. As of now they have 10 million subscribers, but they'll need to increase that number in order to make their original content worth the cost to produce it.