Cool Stuff: NECA's 'Scream' Ghostface Ultimate Figure Wants To See What Your Insides Look Like

When Ghostface debuted in the innovative 1997 slasher Scream, it became the hottest Halloween costume that year. The movie-loving slasher would go on to star in three sequels, a TV series, and a forthcoming sequel that will expand the franchise even more. Now you can bring a few different versions of the franchise killer in the form of NECA's new Ghostface ultimate figure, which comes with a fabric cloak, and all the right accessories.

NECA Scream Ghostface Action Figure

The action figure comes with several accessories to represent the many different versions of Ghostface we've seen over the years. There are three different bloody knives and the voice changer he uses to trick all of his victims on the phone. Plus, there are four different masked heads: the standard plain white mask, a blood-splattered white mask, a glow in the dark green mask like the one seen on the poster for Stab, and a weathered, zombified one from Scream 4.

NECA Scream Ghostface Action Figure

You might be asking yourself why there's a scythe among the deadly accessories with this action figure release. No, you're not losing your memory, because Ghostface never killed anyone with a scythe in the Scream movie franchise. But Ghostface did kill someone with that weapon in the Scream TV franchise, and NECA likes their ultimate figures to have a complete array of accessories from the character's history.

NECA's Ghostface action figure is available for pre-order now for $29.99, and it will ship in November, so unfortunately it won't arrive in time for Halloween decorations.