Unfinished 'Rick And Morty' Season 5 Clip Introduces Rick's Nemesis, Season 6 Already Being Written

With Comic-Con at Home making the world's biggest pop culture convention a virtual event, we've been covering as much as we can from the pre-recorded panels for all the movies and TV shows who decided to participate. However, Adult Swim decided to have their own virtual shindig outside of Comic-Con at Home, and Rick and Morty was among the shows having panels to tease upcoming episodes.

Since Rick and Morty is currently in production on the show's fifth season, series co-creator could only share an unfinished clip from the upcoming fifth season to give fans a satisfying tease of what's to come. It's a cold open for one of the future episodes which introduces a character who is apparently Rick's nemesis. Watch the Rick and Morty season 5 clip below for a sneak peek.

Rick and Morty Season 5 Clip

In the clip, Morty is carrying a wounded Rick through a low gravity environment as shards of crystals are crashing into each other, each crystal briefly showing some kind of alternate version of Rick and Morty. There's one with Morty holding Rick as a baby, one with Rick as a lumberjack, another where Rick looks like The Pope, and one that Rick comments on where both he and Morty are vampire hunters like Blade.

Suddenly, a giant tentacle monster breaks through the ground, devouring one of the crystals. Rick is getting rather emotional on the verge of death as Morty gets him back to their ship and makes a getaway back to Earth through a portal that is quickly closing. But the effort critically damages the ship, and Morty makes one last ditch effort of his own.

Thinking that he and Rick are probably about to die as they re-enter Earth's atmosphere, Morty calls his long-time crush Jessica. In typical Morty fashion, he gets great news at the worst time when his confession of love for Jessica results in her revealing that she's always kinda had a crush on him too. But Morty is able to make a crash-landing in the ocean, saving their lives. However, it comes with a price.

Rick starts panicking when he realizes they've landed on the ocean, and that's when Mr. Nimbus rises from the waters out of a giant clamshell. Describing himself as Rick's "once and eternal foe," he looks like David Bowie became Aquaman. Plus, it sounds like he's going to be saying his name. A lot.

Rick and Morty Is Ahead of Schedule for the First Time

Fans of Rick and Morty know that it can take awhile for the Adult Swim series to get a new season together. However, it appears that having an order for tons more episodes has allowed them to keep on trucking in a way they never have before. Dan Harmon revealed that for the first time ever, the show is actually ahead of schedule.

For the fifth season, Harmon says, "We're basically done writing it." But he adds, "The only exception is I get on these Zoom edit sessions where we're kind of finalizing the finale of Season 5." Even so, he seems to be happy about where they're at with the show, saying, "It's a crazy situation to be in because this show has notoriously kept everyone behind schedule."

Being ahead of schedule also means that the writers room is already working on the episodes for the sixth season. So hopefully the long waits between seasons are finally over. Though if Rick and Morty co-creator had his way, the series would only release one episode each month, just to shake things up a bit. That's not likely to happen, but we don't have a release date for season five yet, so we'll just have to wait and see what Adult Swim thinks is best for the show.

Bojack Horseman Canceled

A Crossover with BoJack Horseman?

Fans have always asked about possible crossovers for Rick and Morty, especially since they can travel in and out of pretty much any parallel universe. Dan Harmon noted during the panel that of all the possible crossovers he's considered over the years, the one he keeps coming back to is BoJack Horseman.

It would require a lot of paperwork to make it happen, but since that show also tackles depression through the lens of animated comedy, it sounds like a perfect fit. But for now, the only horses Rick and Morty is dealing with are the ones that Beth interacts with at the horse hospital where she works. Remember that little detail about Beth? Pepperidge Farm remembers.