'Big Brother' Returns To CBS In August With All-Stars Edition And Stringent Safety Protocols

Even though Survivor has been pulled from the CBS fall schedule, the network's other popular reality competition show will be moving ahead with a new season next month.

Big Brother will return to CBS on August 5 with an All-Stars version of the competition, bringing back previous winners, finalists, legends, memorable personalities and some of the best to never win the game. It's the first time the Big Brother: All-Stars edition has returned since the first time it happened in 2006. Does it seem odd to anyone else that the outdoor reality competition series was removed from the fall schedule, but the show about locking people in a house is still happening?

Deadline has word on Big Brother season 22, which will kick off with the traditional two-hour move-in episode that brings all the contestants into the house to meet each other and set up the forthcoming game. Normally, the show would have started in June, but the coronavirus pandemic delayed that timetable significantly. Plus, getting all the safety protocols in place to make the new season viable made it even more difficult to get production off the ground.

As usual, Big Brother will air three weekly episodes on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, with Julie Chen Moonves returning as host. But who will be joining as contestants? Some former Big Brother players have already arrived in Los Angeles to undergo COVID-19 testing as potential returning contestants.

TMZ has learned the possible pool of contestants includes, but is not limited to, Tyler Crispen (season 20 runner-up), Bayleigh Dayton (season 20 player), Josh Martinez (season 19 winner), Nicole Franzel (season 18 winner) Paulie Calafiore (season 18 player), Ian Terry (season 14 winner), Hayden Moss (season 12 winner), and Daniele Donato (season 8 runner-up). However, not all of those names are guaranteed to be on the cast. In addition to the core cast that CBS hopes to have locked in, there's also an alternate list in case someone from the core cast tests positive for coronavirus.

Speaking of which, all of the contestants will be put into quarantine before the show begins production, and they will be tested several times prior to entering the Big Brother house. Since they'll be locked in a house together, they'll also be tested weekly throughout the season (which I'm sure will be covered in talking heads), and will not have any contact with crew members. All of the supplies delivered to the house will be disinfected too. But I wonder if social distancing will be encouraged among the houseguests, especially since hook-ups in the house is where some of the drama throughout the show comes from.

Meanwhile, the crew capturing all the Big Brother action this season will also be tested before coming back to work, and they will also be screened daily for symptoms. While shooting, they'll have to wear masks, and they'll apparently be working in pods to enhance social distancing. All of this will be overseen by a COVID-19 compliance officer to ensure everyone is working safely.

As for the live shows, like recent sporting events that have returned in the United States, there won't be an audience, which might make the vibe of the show a little weird. But honestly, since Big Brother is the only reality competition show that I've ever taken on as a very guilty pleasure, I'm just glad CBS figured out a way to bring it back.