'Mission: Impossible 7' Headed Back To Norway For More Beautiful Scenery & Potential Tom Cruise Injuries

Tom Cruise is bringing the Mission: Impossible crew back to Norway. Mission: Impossible – Fallout filmed partially in the Nordic country, and Cruise recently told Norway's culture minister Abid Raja about returning there in the fall to shoot more scenes for Mission: Impossible 7. The upcoming sequel had to suspend filming due to the coronavirus, but the crew was recently granted permission to start shooting again.

At the end of Mission: Impossible – Fallout, Tommy Cruise's Ethan Hunt does battle with mustachioed Henry Cavill on Preikestolen, a cliff in Strand in Rogaland county, Norway. The battle concludes with Cruise hanging off the cliff face and looking very, very tired while also preventing an end-of-the-world situation. And it looks like the Impossible franchise isn't through with Norway just yet.

Chatting with Norway's culture minister Abid Raja (via Deadline), Cruise talked about returning to film some more stuff in the fall. "It's a gorgeous country. I can't wait to get back there," said Cruise. "I'm very excited, as is the whole crew, about coming back." Raja added that the latest Mission was "aiming to shoot in north-western Norway, known for its spectacular fjords, mountains, waterfalls and rugged coastline."

Of course, there's also the coronavirus to take into consideration. Norway has had 9,049 cases of the virus confirmed so far, with 255 deaths. "The coronavirus means that at the moment it is not possible to come to Norway in the same way as before," said Raja. "We will have to discuss this in the government and make regulations for it before we give permission to film in Norway. We will abide by the rules and coronavirus restrictions. I will take my conversation with Cruise to the government."

Mission: Impossible 7 began shooting in Italy earlier this year but had to shut down as the coronavirus broke out. Recently, the production was granted permission to resume shooting in England without the mandatory 14-day quarantine. Norway currently has a 10-day quarantine period, and it's unclear if they'll allow the production to skip that process as well.

Directed by Christopher McQuarrieMission: Impossible 7 is meant to be shot back-to-back with Mission: Impossible 8. For the seventh entry, Cruise is back with returning franchise faces Ving Rhames, Simon Pegg, Rebecca Ferguson, Vanessa Kirby, and Henry Czerny, while new cast members include Hayley Atwell, Pom Klementieff, Shea Whigham, and Esai Morales. The current release date is November 19, 2021.