Exclusive: Mondo Unleashes New Marvel Tiki Mugs And 'Masters Of The Universe' Mer-Man Figure For Comic-Con At Home

San Diego Comic-Con is nearly upon us, albeit in the form of a virtual convention dubbed Comic-Con at Home. There won't be a show floor for fans to pick up merchandise from their favorite vendor booths, but that doesn't mean you won't be able to fight against hordes of fans trying to get their hands on the latest exclusive collectibles created just for Comic-Con. In fact, we've got an exclusive sneak peek at some of the upcoming offerings from Mondo.

This year, Mondo is expanding their ever-growing line of collectible Tiki Mugs. Since these are Comic-Con exclusives, it only makes sense that Marvel Comics characters are getting the Tiki Mug treatment. Venom, Thanos and MODOK are all getting special glaze color variant Tiki Mugs. But that's not all, because Mondo is also releasing the latest figure in their Masters of the Universe MOTUbi line, with Mer-Man joining the collection. Check out some Mondo 2020 Comic-Con exclusives below.

Mondo Marvel Tiki Mugs - SDCC 2020

First up, we have the Mad Titan known as Thanos getting a Mad Tiki Mug designed by Michael Bonanno and sculpted by Tufan Sezer. This 32 oz. mug comes from Tiki Farm, which means if you load it up with your favorite spirit, the likelihood of you getting drunk is...inevitable.

This is the Soul Variant edition of the Thanos Tiki Mug, which will be limited to 275 pieces and costs $50. It joins the regular purple version of the mug, as well as the Reality variant with red glaze, both available at Mondo now.

Next up, we have MODOK, or the Mechanized Organism Designed Only for Killing. This guy has already been given a regular Tiki Mug from Mondo, but this variant is designed in a special purple glazeway that's limited to 450 pieces and even though it holds 36oz., it actually costs a little less than the regular Tiki Mugs with a pricetag of just $45.

Finally, this Venom variant Tiki Mug is probably my favorite of the bunch because it has a reflective metallic blue glaze on stoneware ceramic that really makes it look like the symbiote is glistening. Honestly, I think it looks cooler than the regular Venom Tiki Mug that Mondo released a little while back, even without the eyes, teeth and tongue painted.

The Venom variant Tiki Mug is limited to 450 pieces and since it holds a whopping 40 oz., it will cost a tad more at $55.

Masters of the Universe Mer-Man Action Figure (MOTUbi Variant)

Finally, the last of our exclusive reveals of Mondo's Comic-Con exclusives is a new addition to their line of Masters of the Universe action figures. This is a MOTUbi variant with a Sofubi-inspired metallic paint job designed to go with the DesignerCon exclusive figure of Skeletor that was released last year.

Painted by Hector Arce, this MOTUbi variant Mer-Man figure costs $250 and it also has an edition size of 250 worldwide, so you'll want to act fast when it goes on sale this week.


All of these exclusives will be on sale at Mondo's website on Wednesday, July 22 while supplies last. You'll want to stay tuned to @MondoNews on Twitter and the official Mondo Comic-Con at Home web page for specific times and details on the rest of their exclusive items.