Cool Stuff: The Biggest Marvel Legends Figure Yet Is A New Sentinel From 'X-Men' Comics

So far, Hasbro's crowdfunded collectible initative known HasLab has yielded some outstanding results for toy collectors. Transformers fans fully funded a massive Unicron action figure, and Star Wars fans got a huge playset of Jabba the Hutt's sail barge for the 3.75-inch action figure line. Now it's time for Marvel Legends to get their own HasLab project with the biggest action figure the comic book toyline has ever seen.

Though there are many powerful mutant villains that the X-Men have faced over the years, one of their most feared enemies doesn't have any mutant powers at all. First appearing in X-Men #14, the Sentinels are massive robots tasked with only one objective: destroy all mutant life on Earth. HasLab is finally releasing a Marvel Legends Sentinel action figure that truly towers over the 6-inch X-Men action figures that you probably already have on your shelf. Check it out below!

HasLab's Marvel Legends Sentinel Action Figure

Marvel Legends Sentinel Action Figure

Here's the pitch for the Marvel Legends Sentinel action figure from HasLab:

Sentinels have been a part of the X-Men story since their first appearance in X-Men #14 (1965). From the MK I model built by Bolivar Trask to the menacing figures of modern comic storylines, Sentinels have been one of the most dangerous foes of the X-Men. And we wanted to reflect that towering and intimidating presence into the Marvel Legends line.

Along with the Sentinel figure, we're including a 6-inch Bastion figure to represent the humanoid face of the Sentinels. Bastion was created when Sentinel Master Mold absorbed the Sentinel prototype Nimrod. The X-Men forced it through the portal known as Siege Perilous and Bastion emerged: a human/Sentinel hybrid that eventually became as anti-mutant as the original Sentinels.

Marvel Legends Sentinel Action Figure

As you can see, this Sentinel is way bigger than the previous Marvel Legends version of the mutant-hunting robot that was released in a special X-Men: Days of Future Past two-pack with a Wolverine action figure. In fact, it's over 10-inches taller, and it comes with the tentacle accessory, which will be necessary for rounding up your mutant action figures, and light-up effects.

But that's not all. The Marvel Legends Sentinel action figure not only already met it's crowdfunding goal of 6,000 backers, but the project has already reached enough backers to unlock the bonus accessories, which you can see below:

Marvel Legends Sentinel Action Figure

However, as cool as this Marvel Legends Sentinel action figure looks, I'm not sure it's worth the $349.99 price tag to get one. Sure, it'll be a rare item since it will only go to those who crowdfunded it, but that's a lot of money for a single action figure, especially one that isn't coming from Hot Toys or another high-end collectible manufacturer. With 260 individual pieces used to create it, the figure is an impressive creation, but I just can't see myself spending that much money to get it.

Marvel Legends Sentinel Action Figure

If you've got the extra money, head on over to the HasLab page for the Marvel Legends Sentinel action figure and pledge your support to ensure you get one of them. You've got 35 days until the project expires, and after that, you won't be able to order one unless you find it on the secondary market, where it will likely be much more expensive.