Another 'Hamilton' Special Is Dropping On Disney+ Tomorrow

Before the filmed version of Lin-Manuel Miranda's Broadway hit Hamilton debuted on Disney+, The Walt Disney Company announced that a documentary about the show would also be premiering on the streaming service. Now, there's news that a second Hamilton special, called Hamilton: History Has Its Eyes On You, will be dropping on Disney+ tomorrow.

What, you didn't think Disney was going to spend all that cash to acquire the rights to this property and not milk it for every last drop, did you?

If you fire up Disney+ right now, you'll probably see Hamilton proudly displayed in the banner at the top of the home page. Elsewhere on the site, you'll find The Undefeated Presents: Hamilton In-Depth, a 33-minute roundtable discussion with the show's original cast that's hosted by Kelley Carter. The documentary is also available on The Undefeated, which, for those who don't know, is an ESPN-owned website (read: under the Disney umbrella) that's devoted to sports and pop culture.

But starting tomorrow, you'll also be able to feed your Hamilton addiction with yet another documentary. Hosted by Robin Roberts of ABC News' "Good Morning America," Hamilton: History Has Its Eyes On You is described as "an intimate discussion about the groundbreaking film that has become a global phenomenon and features Hamilton's creator, its director and cast members of the original Broadway production. A Harvard Historian also shares insight on the historical relevance and accuracy of the production." Roberts shared a clip from the doc on Good Morning America today, and the clip touches on a topic that a lot of folks are talking about in the wake of the movie's premiere on Disney+: this show's relationship to historical truth, and what responsibility it had (if any) to depict things as they actually happened.

Both documentaries feature interviews with the cast and Thomas Kail, the director of both the original stage play and this filmed version of the show. Personally, I'm not sure if there are going to be enough differences in the conversations to make it worth my while to watch them both, but Hamilton fans are rabid, so I'm sure there will be plenty of people who consume this the second it drops. And again, Disney spent $75 million to acquire the rights to this movie (which I believe is the most any company has ever spent on a film acquisition), so from their perspective, they're naturally going to produce as much content as possible to either drive people to Hamilton or to keep the people who subscribed solely to see this movie poking around the Disney+ library long enough that they might decide to become regular subscribers.

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