New 'Jurassic World' Attraction Will Use The Same Ride System As Universal Studios' Spider-Man Ride

Last summer, Universal Studios Hollywood revamped its old Jurassic Park water ride into Jurassic World: The Ride, updating it to reflect elements of the modern film trilogy. But Universal Studios Beijing is developing its own Jurassic World ride, and thanks to a batch of new photos, we know it will be using the same ride system as the Spider-Man attraction at Islands of Adventure and the Transformers-themed ride at Universal Studios Orlando, Hollywood, and Singapore. Take a look at the photos below.

Beijing's Jurassic World Ride

These photos (via Collider) serve as confirmation that the new dark ride attraction will use the same ride system and similar vehicles to the ones utilized in The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man and Transformers: The Ride. For those who haven't ridden those rides (or in case it's been a while), riders don 3D glasses, load up in a vehicle, and careen through a mixture of physical settings and digital screens, with the ride vehicle spinning and rocking and reacting to the chaos around you. (Example: early on, it looks and feels as if Spider-Man has jumped onto your vehicle.)

Apparently, the Universal Creative design team spent the past two years trying to develop a "breakthrough, never-before-utilized ride technology" for this attraction, but they were unable to get it right. Collider speculates that the new tech may have involved putting riders into the translucent spheres that were seen in the past two Jurassic World movies, which strikes me as a very good guess. But the team couldn't get everything to work properly, so it looks like they scrapped whatever that breakthrough tech was and instead have chosen to use this Spider-Man/Transformers approach.

Which, frankly, sounds pretty great to me. Both of those rides are very popular, and using that tech to bring riders into the universe of Jurassic World should result in something super cool. Modern rides can often rely too much on screens for my personal tastes, but like the Jurassic World movie franchise, this new ride will be a blend of digital and analogue effects, including a conclusion that features "a nearly full-scale Indominus Rex" popping out at you.

For more information on Universal Studios Beijing, which is supposed to open in Summer 2021, click here. The Jurassic World land at the park seems especially cool, since the team has recreated the main building from the film's version of the theme park. Just keep your head on a swivel, because you never know when a pterosaur is going to swoop by, pick you up, and drop you into the open maw of a mosasaurus.